Rental Application

Thank you for your interest in renting one of our properties. It is important that you read the information below before submitting an application and paying the non-refundable application fee. By proceeding with the application and paying the fee you agree you have read and understand this information. You must also turn in additional information outlined below for application to be processed.

Rental Application Process:

  • DO NOT USE CO APPLICANT OPTION : Each occupant 18 years old or older, must complete a separate application. Married couples must apply separately. Only applicants and their minor children may reside in the property.
  • We are very thorough in our screening process. Providing false or misleading information will result in a denial of your application or subsequent termination of lease and tenancy upon determination of such falsified information. The entire application must be completed, failure to supply requested information can result in denial of application.
  • Your credit and background will be screened, Your before tax monthly income must be at least 3 times amount of monthly rent. Your last two years of residency will be verified.
  • We only accept applications via our online application.
  • It can take  3-5 business days or longer to process an application. Delays in the approval process are typically due to incomplete information being submitted or difficulty reaching employers and landlords for verification.
  • Non-refundable application fee of $75.00 is required for each applicant.Applications can not be submitted without payment. DO NOT hit submit button more than once, if you do you will be charged multiple times and these multiple charges are non refundable!

Each applicant must provide additional information to complete the processing of the rental application:

  • Two most recent paystubs or if your recent employment is a new job, you can provide a signed copy of an offer letter on company letterhead; if you're self-employed you must provide your two most recent years tax returns including all schedules.
  • Clear, legible COLOR copy of a government issued photo identification, such as drivers license. 
  • Photo of each pet, if applicable.
The above requested information should be emailed to

The link below will redirect you to NTN SecureLease where you will fill out the application and pay the $75 fee. Once you have read the above and are ready to proceed:

Click Here for Rental Application